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Data Processing in MNova NMR

Below is a series of video tutorials covering different topics of MNova NMR processing. It is advisable to watch them in a sequence as they refer to previously discussed tools.

Episode 1. Which MNova do I need?

This is the first episode of the series on NMR processing in MNova. Here I talk about MNova Lite CDE and full MNova NMR at Notre Dame campus.


  • Use MNova Lite CDE for your 1D NMR work - unlimited licenses on campus
  • Transition to MNova NMR (full version) for 2D NMR work - only a few licenses available
  • Keep internet connection on while launching MNova and loading NMR data

Episode 2. Creating MNova Document

This video covers basic toolbars and menus of the MNova window. We create a new document with a title page and save it.


  • Make a title page with the basic sample info for each document
  • Save with the original NMR data
  • Save the MNova document frequently as you progress through your project

Episode 3. Load data and move around with zoom tools

This episode demonstrates how to load NMR data into MNova document and explore the NMR spectrum using zoom tools.


  • Load NMR data through drag-and-drop or Data Browser
  • Update the spectrum Comment field and adjust its fonts size for display
  • Add a title to the page itself to be able to find it easier in the Pages view
  • Save frequently! (Cmd-S or Ctrl-S)
  • Zoom intensity with a mouse wheel
  • Zoom with 'Z', unzoom with Shift-'Z'; repeat a keystroke to switch the zooming direction
  • Scale up with 'H' and 'F'. Pan with P.
  • Navigate a spectrum with Shift-Z-Z-Z mode: click to zoom out, drag a box to zoom in
  • Hit ESC on a keyboard to exit a zoom mode (or any other MNova tool)

Episode 4. Manual Phase and Baseline Correction

This episode demonstrates a brief workflow for manual phase correction in a full version of MNova NMR.

Work in progress! Future episodes are coming…

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